Motowolf M6 Motorcycle Dash Camera Dual 1080P 2.7" DVR Wi-Fi & GPS Support 256Gb TF card

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Q1:What is the difference between M3 and M6?

A1: M3 and M6 have the same function, M6 Dvr shell is more waterproof than M3 Dvr shell.

Q2: Why is there no signal from my GPS antenna?

A2: Please place the GPS antenna in an open air area to receive GPS signals.


Main Feature

  • ※ 2.7" LCD recorder, real-time display of front and rear cameras,
  • ※ one-key shooting/recording,
  • ※ 1080P 30fps loop recording,
  • ※ compatible with 256GB TF card,
  • ※ WDR, Wi-Fi, APP operation and setting,
  • ※ GPS tracking and multilingual support, etc.

Front & Rear Camera

  • ※ 1080P FHD videos and photos;
  • ※ 155° view angle to cover multiple lanes;
  • ※ SONY IMX323 CMOS for enhanced imaging under dark conditions;
  • ※ F1.8 large aperture to capture over 30% of light and boast super night vision;
  • ※ cutting-edge IP68 rated cameras with excellent anti-fog performance.


Waterproof camera

  • ※ Industry-leading IP68 rated cameras provide excellent anti-fog performance.
  • ※ Note: The DVR is not waterproof.If it rains, you can protect the DVR with the waterproof cover (an accessory of the product) or put the DVR into the storage box of motorcycle.
Wired remote controller
  • ※ Simply press to lock a 15s video clip and 2 photos so that you don't miss any exciting moments.

    GPS antenna

    • ※ GPS antenna can help record your riding route.


    Exclusive APP

    • ※ With connection to a cellphone via Wi-Fi,
    • ※ you can view the real-time display of cameras,
    • ※ check the riding routes and change settings in the APP.
    • ※ You can also transmit videos and pictures and share them to Facebook, Twitter and other SNS, with out removing the memory card.
    • ※ It is compatible with both Android and iOS.


    Power supply

    • ※ When the recorder is connected to the motorcycle lamp or ignition switch power supply through 9-28V to 5V smart power supply moduleor USB power cable,
    • ※ it can start/stop recording after the engine starts/stops. A portable power bank can also be used as the power supply.
    • ※ Recharging is no longer a problem.Note: A lithium battery is installed inside the recorder and used only for emergency.


      Seamless loop

      • ※ Supports Max 256G TF card (SanDisk Class 10 or higher) (Samsung / Toshiba U3 card recommended)
      • ※ If there is not enough free space on the TF card, the previously recorded video will be overwritten, but the locked video will not be overwritten.



      Recorder: 2.7" LCD (Note: It is not waterproof.If it rains, you can put the LCD into the storage box of motorcycle).
      Front and rear cameras: 1920*1080P FHD IP68 View angle: 155° WDR
      Video resolution and FPS: 1080P / 720P 30FPS
      Loop recording: 1 min/2 min/3 min/5 min Video format: MP4 (H.264)
      Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Memory card: 256GB TF card
      Languages: English (default), Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.
      GPS: Route tracking and GPS antenna
      Audio: Built-in microphone/loudspeaker (AAC)
      Working temperature: -20°C to 70°C
      Software: MotoCam (IOS/Android)
      Power supply: 9-28V to 5V smart power supply module or USB power cable (to connect the recorder to the motorcycle lamp or ignition switch power supply)
      Working power supply: Input: 5V Output: 1.5A

      Packing list::

      2*Camera & 2.5M extension cable
      2*Camera bracket
      1*Remote control & 2.5M extension cable
      1*Power Adapter cable & 1*Usb Power cable
      1*GPS antenna
      1*Instruction manual
      1*Warranty Card
      1*Main DVR 

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