How can a motorcyclist avoid falling?

by Cai Emerson on April 20, 2019

Straight road crash

The situation of roads in China is complex. Even if it is driving at a constant speed on the straight road, we must also be vigilant. We must maintain a high level of predictability in traffic regardless of the car we drive. For example, at the intersection, observe the cars, people, and animals on either side of the road. Which ones may run out of the carriageway, and if so, slow down as soon as possible and slowly pass. Keep a safe distance with the vehicles traveling before and after, especially for passengers, taxis, and CMBs. Do not follow them behind.


If the car in front stops slowly, it must be kept at a distance of two meters when it passes through to prevent the other party from suddenly opening the door and getting off the car so as not to bump into the open door of the other side. Also pay attention to the condition of the road surface. Large pits, garbage that may have sharp objects, sewer covers, sandy beaches, or watermelon rinds may slow down. The ground is slippery and should be low speed, the brake should use artificial ABS, namely do not brake dead, leave the wheel to turn the room.

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Always pay attention to the rear-view mirror and turn the turn signal to avoid rear-end collisions. There must be a headlight in the evening, and some people don’t turn on the headlights at night to save money and harm others. Do not pick up cars at night. On the road, there are often pits for construction, cars with no lights, vehicles parked on the road due to breakdowns, etc. Low speeds allow you to adequately avoid dangers. Do not drive or ride a car with drunkenness or eye strain, sudden drop in vision, etc.


Prevent bends from crashing

If you want to slow down before turning, hit the direction light, and suddenly brake through sharp corners, you must fall. The bend is unstable and you have seen the preparation before the bend. Buy a car to pay attention to the local road conditions, straight road than the detour, can cruising for a long time, choose the Prince; bend more than the straight road, thought of bending addiction, choose street run. There is sand on the road surface, or there is a car in front. The slower the slower the better. Be sure to look around before turning the fork to ensure safety.

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Anti-impact crash crash

Sometimes you are very careful about yourself, you haven’t lost your car on the road, but you have to stop to stand still and forget to walk or stay in a dangerous place such as a construction site, a car or a crowd, and your car is too close to someone’s car to make someone else It is difficult to take cars, entrances and exits, etc. These can be avoided if they are careful. Carry out a comprehensive observation of the surrounding conditions, including whether there are worn billboards on the top of the head, windows that may throw objects, etc., to ensure the safety of the car.


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