Does motorcycle need a Moto Dash Cam?

by Cai Emerson on April 03, 2019

Many times, when people think of motorcycle crashes, they think they are the motorcyclists fault; they may think motorcyclists speed and are reckless drivers. However, approximately half of all motorcycle crashes involve more than one vehicle. Of those crashes, nearly 40 percent are attributed to the other vehicle making a left hand turn in front of the motorcyclist.


“Dashcams give drivers an added level of protection to guard against unexpected malicious events which they might otherwise struggle to prove,” says Mark Godfrey, director of RAC Insurance. “By having a visual record, it is far easier for an insurer to come to the right conclusion and avoid the affected motorists being unfairly penalized by a potential fraudster."

So, to answer to the question “Why do I need a motorcycle dashcam?”
·Protection against false accident accusations
·SOS file protection in case of an accident in order to create a permanent recording
·Recording of a beautiful ride



Riding your motorcycle is a fun experience. The motorcycle dashcam will capture your ride whether it is with your friends or just a solo journey. You can always review and share the video record from the motorcycle dashcam with your friends and family.

It is important to install a motorcycle dashcam that can be trusted to provide years of reliable service.Choose a camera recording system that is easy to setup and use and includes weatherproof and shockproof cameras, no worrying the limitation of the battery capacity and forgetting press the power button to record.



Motowolf motorcycle Dash cam, was born for the Cavaliers. Like motorcyclists, no longer worry about the long-distance motorcycle travel camera is no electricity, no longer because of the small storage and frequent reluctant to delete the wonderful video, not afraid of wind resistance, no longer when the antenna baby, not afraid to go when the camera Still, the camera was gone half the way.

Motowolf motorbike Dash Cam can have super night vision function, choose Arzin motorcycle recorder, can always capture the wonderful video and photos at anytime anywhere to share it on SNS.

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